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Social Media Management

4WM provides 360-degree management across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Clubhouse to ensure that content is engaging and unique, and the planning is streamlined and efficient. With original content creation and a strong knowledge of both best practices and proper engagement policies, we curate standout and dynamic visual experiences to support client goals. Further, to bring brand narratives to life, we establish relationships with followers, develop communities and hone in on target audiences to deliver high engagement and visibility rates, while ensuring our tactics are within each platforms’ regulations.
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Influencer Marketing & Brand Tastemaker Program

At 4WM, we pride ourselves on our vast global network of tastemakers, noting that influencers play a pivotal role in today’s marketing ecosystem. We tap into our relationships to clients with the right influencers in order to build excitement and brand recognition. Granting brands inside access to the top trendsetters in the game, we ensure our clients receive prime exposure and the highest quality of content, activations and digital assets. We’ve got you covered.

Digital Marketing

We drive measurable business results through our digital campaigns. We believe in not only growing a brand’s digital presence, but elevating and refining it. Our digital strategies include enhanced social media exposure, sales conversion across omni-channel platforms, email strategy, content and newsletters, Shopify, Pinterest, YouTube, SEM, and SEO.

Content Creation

As a creative consultancy, we understand that the most effective way to reach consumers is through telling a unique brand story via visuals. Our team will work with you in our in-house photo studios to produce all forms of content including stills, video, social media content, sizzle reels, short-form videos and long-form features. Photoshoot, anyone?

Brand Development

4WM develops brands from the ground up. Already launched a brand? No problem. We work with clients to refine positioning and brand identity, developing new marketing assets and brand collateral. Under our creative direction, we build and tweak branding suites, including tone of voice, visual identity, content guidelines and photography parameters. Further, we establish audience profiles and target demographics as well as communication strategies. We’re like spirit guides. But for marketing.

Brand Collaborations

Brand partnerships not only offer a unique opportunity to gain access to a new demographic of potential customers for your brand, but they also help to build brand equity and awareness within a target market. At 4WM, our depth of experience in integrated marketing allows us to strategically partner like-minded brands and tastemakers to create one-of-a-kind experiences and broaden the customer base while also creating news and content to leverage across PR and social media.

Email Marketing

4WM works with our clients to craft targeted marketing messages that drive optimal exposure and conversions. We understand the customer journey and the funnel, and all of the other technical marketing levers to pull, so that mail gets open, gets read, and converts. We deliver email campaigns that are relevant, action-oriented, and measurable.

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Digital Strategy

A strong digital footprint is crucial to brand success. We understand that driving organic engagement is paramount, and we’re pros at leveraging and repurposing various content assets via tactical distribution plans to maximize investment and drive advertising ROI. Our team develops strategies to align with our clients’ visions and in-house efforts, focusing on content creation, building followers and driving website traffic, with the ultimate goal of conversion. In other words, we prioritize monetization, not just hype.ted, and measurable.
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Social Advertisements

Social advertising helps brands connect with their target audience, build customer journeys and get people to their website. In conjunction with organic strategies, paid social is an essential part of successful digital marketing. 4WM offers an integrated approach to improve social media campaigns—from strategy, creative production, management and performance measurement. We work with clients to optimize ads across multiple social platforms.
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Your website is the foundation and key of your digital marketplace. We can start from scratch, design and develop your website, we can reimagine and improve what you have, or simply drive more traffic and conversions to your website by optimizing what you have created.
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clipping online & Offline

4WM has a solution for online clipping and market intelligence. Identify business opportunities, follow the market, monitor the competition, connect with your customers and make decisions faster

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